Life comes with a script ...

2020 Prescription Plan - Optimize Your Life!

We began the year in faith, fully loaded with hopefulness, momentum, and great expectations. Our scripts for 2020 figuratively unfolded with bright ideas, optimism, dreams and goals — passion, purpose, plans, and drive. Then, the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) invaded our shores and radically displaced us from normal settlements, compulsively scurrying the world into some unsettling semblance of order. We had merely gotten out (in) into the first quarter!  So, uh —

As the music changes, so does the dance! African proverb

Step one: Be still.  Now, let’s take a calculated spin to springboard 2020 rhythm — Virtual Setting: Realign, Refocus, Resource, Rebuild, and Be Remarkably Revitalized. Here is a Prescription Plan to Optimize Your Life! Given the current state of affairs, now is the right time to rediscover, review, or revise your script. Re-calibrate your stance in an enriching online course “LifeScript101 – Empowering Your Dreams and Goals.” This life-changing venture will feature weekly lessons offering tools and techniques to revitalize you. Spring into action now! Click and download a polarizing spectacle here: LifeScript101- Spring Into Action. One new lesson will be posted each Monday for 8 weeks — modules include practical vision planning strategies, and a whole lot more. Weekly schedule linked at bottom. Offering online completely FREE – registration required to access content.  Limited time offer!  Read more below. See details and deadlines.

~Spring into Action~

Perspective Matters


Hi - I’m Terri Scott, the chief scripturient of and facilitator of LifeScript.101 online. Besides traveling, I enjoy reading and writing, and have quite a natural attraction to words, the skillful thought-provoking structure of things. Professionally, I am a financial accountant with over 25 years in the field -- creative thinking, strategic planning and analyses (strategy, structure, solutions, and some assorted silliness) is my daily cup of tea. No coffee is ever needed - I'm naturally vibrant. Getting down to business, I have been teaching goal setting courses since 2017 -- and I am delighted to virtually embark on this captivating journey with you. I am passionate about enriching lives in uniquely practical ways that can help invigorate mindsets to meaningfully engage a purpose-driven life. [However, please note I will not offer any personal financial advice in this setting, except common budgetary tips.] Let's focus on your vision for life -- Empowering Your Dreams and Goals - engaging the future with God-given wisdom. My out-of-the-box ideas often come with colorful whimsy, as such resourcefully outfitted modules could also generate momentum. Don't miss this lifetime opportunity! Join me inside the starting gate -- let's do life together.
Terri Scott
LifeScript Coach

Optimize Your Life

Empowering Your Dreams and Goals is an 8-week online course, essentially about engaging life with God-given wisdom.  Encouraging you to engage (establish a meaningful contact or connection with) your dreams and goals — retrieving them from the Someday realm into Today’s (what now) domain — the aim is on harnessing and achieving! But, this face-off can be recovering, saving, salvaging, or even giving a proper burial to some matters. In any regard, it’s good to clarify the vague, orient the discombobulated ideas and address the fragmented thoughts; determine proper perspectives and take meaningful actions. Don’t become submerged or trapped in the imaginary wishing well, then one day realize that you merely ‘made it through’ but didn’t quite manage to live. Engage your passion and purpose.

What more are you waiting for? There are so many wonderful blessings awaiting you!

Springboard for 2020

Your Creative Design

You are a masterpiece! There is no other creative design just like you. Moreover, a masterpiece is rarely known solely by its name, but bears the name of one who made it — the master of that piece. As a masterpiece, you are unique, rare, valuable, specially named, and known in connection with your Creator. Think of yourself in that way. Embrace your artistry. Appreciate your originality. Honor your life in that manner — that you are living and breathing, and have been created for influence, honoring the purpose of the one who’ve created you. What you are is a gift from God; what you do is your gift to God. Live your creative design!

The Spring in Your Step

If you’re alive, be grateful. Let’s not overlook the customary victories of waking up, nor forget that we are a living miracle. The world is presently facing extraordinary challenges right now due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Often times, the most challenging situations bring out the finest in us. We don’t get to choose the hardships, but we can choose how to use our space of grace – with an attitude of gratitude. Literally, the given dash from birth to destiny indicates you’re a living biography right now – you’re walking pages, making decisions for paragraphs. You might be an important sentence in someone else’s story, certainly a part of someone else’s history book. Research shows a high percentage of people feel they have a book in them. Well, here’s a good start to activate your writing – start lining and aligning your ‘creative process’ by deliberately doing, beyond only thinking. Yes, journal. How do you side-step challenges and overcome obstacles?  What triggers you? A good strategy is so much more a timely topic as we’re all adapting to this new season in the environment and world around us. Let’s navigate or re-route with intentionality. Our step-by-step trot should tap your ingenuity.

8 - Weekly Modules

Life comes with a script ...

Resources this week

Schedule:  LifeScript101-Empowering Dreams & Goals – 8 Wk Schedule

Also, here is my whimsical spectacle to help envision the geometric progression of our journey:  LifeScript101- Spring Into Action

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