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2020 Prescription Plan - Optimize Life!

Expanding the Script

Don’t shrink what’s possible to fit your mind, expand your mind to fit what’s possible. — Jim Kwik, Limitless (book)

Life purpose don’t always show up in big announcements or with fanfare, but are often right in front of us in the daily arenas of going-about in life. We’ve done some valuable groundwork and going-about to arrive at this point, here in week #7. Kudos for showing up! It’s good to have your presence. Despite derailments and distractions, we’re trekking along and experiencing transformation even while in quarantine under ‘Stay at Home’ regulations. Amidst all the happenings, be grateful for each day, and note personal enrichment experiences during this season. We’re updating our knowledge (via online classes, more reading, YouTube, Netflix, etc), acquiring new skills, and learning myriad methods for doing useful things. Grocery shopping online seems oddly normal. At home, we’re cooking more. Notice consumption patterns changing.

There is a popular saying: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. What do you make of this? The Associated Press, via their ‘AP Fact Check’ news article stated, “It was a difficult week for discerning the reality of things.”  That statement tickled my mind. By now, you probably have reasonable inklings about what’s working and what’s out of whack in your part of the world. Many of us (hoped) expected that by now we would have had a good sense of what the new normal would be. Reality is still undetermined. But with resolute determination, we are thriving well. We’re making lemonade. We’re finding a wellspring of creative measures for current conditions. By happy chance or tiresome contrivance, let’s make an elixir (a particular type of medicinal solution) for handling existing ailments.

Life comes with a script ...

2020 Prescription Plan - Optimize Your Life!

We began the year in faith, fully loaded with hopefulness, momentum, and great expectations. Our scripts for 2020 figuratively unfolded with bright ideas, optimism, dreams and goals — passion, purpose, plans, and drive. Then, the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) invaded our shores and radically displaced us from normal settlements, compulsively scurrying the world into some unsettling semblance of order. We had merely gotten out (in) into the first quarter!  So, uh —

As the music changes, so does the dance! African proverb

Step one: Be still.  Now, let’s take a calculated spin to springboard 2020 rhythm — Virtual Setting: Realign, Refocus, Resource, Rebuild, and Be Remarkably Revitalized. Here is a Prescription Plan to Optimize Your Life! Given the current state of affairs, now is the right time to rediscover, review, or revise your script. Re-calibrate your stance in an enriching online course “LifeScript101 – Empowering Your Dreams and Goals.” This life-changing venture will feature weekly lessons offering tools and techniques to revitalize you. Spring into action now! Click and download a polarizing spectacle here: LifeScript101- Spring Into Action. One new lesson will be posted each Monday for 8 weeks — modules include practical vision planning strategies, and a whole lot more. Weekly schedule linked at bottom. Offering online completely FREE – registration required to access content.  Limited time offer!  Read more below. See details and deadlines.

~Spring into Action~