Unearthed a book this morning on my nightstand, which I do remember purchasing for a dollar on sale at the local library, a while ago.  Hence, for a while now, it was sitting on that night table in my trough of good intentions.  A flyer topped it, then two exercise bands received last week from the 5k Walk & Health Fair, rested lazily atop the flyer — all part of my towering things to do list. If ever a thing seems out of place, it’s there for the reason to stand out. See, I’m incredibly well organized.  Don’t laugh, because chances are, you might be guilty of tsundoku too.  Personally, that’s part of my strategic planning process.

So I unveiled and picked up that book to read a bit this morning, because it is Saturday. I have some idle time to discover anew why these pages came into my life.  Naturally, I opened straight to the back of the book where the flap of the cover was folded-in to (obviously) mark a page.